A Five-Year Old Building Video Games

This year, for Devon’s 5th birthday, we bought him a Raspberry Pi. One of the first things we played with was Scratch, a visual programming language for kids and new programmers. We quickly started developing our very own games! I’ve been sharing the videos on Facebook and thought it would be fun to put them up on Devon’s very own website as a resource for other parents and young coders. I’m also thinking it could be his very first business as we will accept donations (in Bitcoin, of course) and may also develop games to sell.

We have some games we’ve already developed and we’ll be creating posts for each of them, including the scratch files so you can download them yourself. If you’d like to contribute to Devon’s first business, send bitcoin to 1NzWgRkq2jA2pagq29gSRtmTYwu4j5EFxK.

Devon’s really excited about getting his first bitcoin! Thank you!

Here’s an intro from Devon:


2 thoughts on “A Five-Year Old Building Video Games”

    1. Thanks Kara! We’re having so much fun. Stay tuned, I have 6 other blog posts already done which I’ll publish over the next week or two.

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