The Bone Digger Game

Created June 16th, 2014. Built on the Raspberry Pi.

We had a lot of fun with this one. When I was a kid, I remember my dad purchasing probably 80 different 5¼ inch floppy disk computer games (yes, the old ones which were actually floppy) at fractions of a dollar for each game. Many of them didn’t work because of the increase in computer speeds (they were CPU cycle based and were now too fast to play) and they all had these distinctive yellow and black striped sleeves the disks would come in.

One of those games stuck out in my memory as a game you had to dig around in. Devon had just been talking about dinosaur bones and his Minecraft pickaxe so I figured we’d make a couple pickaxe-wielding characters who would dig up dinosaur bones to score points. While working on this game, Devon also discovered you could import some sprites which come from Scratch so we had to include the dragon. As for the colors of the diggers, those are the colors Devon wanted. I know. I tried to change his might but that’s what he wanted.

First the stage code:


I’m not sure why I had two different forever’s in there, but it seems to work okay. One speeds the game up over time.

The diggers are pretty straight forward.


The bone code could probably be cleaned up (especially since it had to be duplicated for each bone), but it gets the job done. It keeps track of which sprite it might be touching and adjusts accordingly.


I had fun doing animations on the bones going through different costumes. The rotate button in the editor was helpful here.


The dragon was a fun thing we added after we had the basic game working:


As with the diggers, I adjusted the costumes of the dragon based on which direction it is heading:


Here’s the Scratch file for Bone Digger Game for you to play with.


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