Devon’s First Bitcoin Purchase!

Devon and I just used his bitcoin donations to purchase his first and very own swiss army pocket knife! He’s been practicing how to safely use a pocket knife using one of mine, and we both thought he was ready to own his own knife. Here’s the knife we bought:


Of course, we paid for it in bitcoin thanks to!

I’m so glad the fun and effort we’ve put into building these games is now going to relate to something tangible Devon can hold in his hand.

UPDATE 7/17/2014: Unfortunately, we just found out Overstock was actually a bit under stocked. I was concerned when we never got a shipping confirmation email and Devon has been bugging me non-stop about when his knife will arrive. They just emailed us to say an error in their inventory system caused the site to show more knives than they really had. Devon is pretty bummed, but they did give us a $5 credit and refunded the bitcoin to my Coinbase account which I immediately transferred back to Devon’s wallet.

Tonight we’re camping out in the backyard and we just ordered another knife (this one has a flashlight!) using my mobile phone and the app. I was surprised to see the mobile version of doesn’t support bitcoin payments. I had to use the link at the bottom of the page to go to the desktop version.

Anyway, here’s the new knife Devon got:



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