Hidden Objects Game

Created July 4th, 2014. Built on the MacBook Air.

Have you ever played any of those silly hidden object, point and click flash games? The idea is pretty simple… you hunt around and click on stuff to find clues and solve problems to get further along in the game. I was curious how hard they would be to build in Scratch. I was also curious if Devon would enjoy playing them. Devon didn’t build this one with me, I was mainly playing around to see how difficult it would be to make.

This 4th of July, I was recovering from a stomach bug from the day before. When Corinne took the kids out to play, I rested on the couch and started tinkering with Scratch. Seeing the included backgrounds got me thinking of the hidden object games I had played with years ago. I wanted to see if Devon would be interested in building similar games in the future. I figured the development of a game like this would be pretty boring compared to the other games we already built together, and I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, so I wanted to try it on my own first. After completing it, I was really surprised how much he enjoyed playing it! I’m adding it to the website here just in case it’s helpful for others building Scratch games as well. The code is pretty rough as it was mainly a proof of concept, and I did run into some strange issues getting the mouse clicks in the right places figured out, but that may have just been my post-sickness brain not firing on all cylinders.

The stage code and backgrounds which are the “rooms” for the game:



When you enter the first room, you see a chalkboard where you click to reveal a code which is randomly picked from a list of four codes.



Here’s the code and costumes behind the sprite involved.


You get to the next room by clicking the right part of the screen where you need the secret code to move on.


Here’s the code behind the key sprite.


The final room with the red door has the key following the mouse as you move it.



Here are all the sprites used for this game.


As mentioned, Devon didn’t help me build this one. It was mainly just me tinkering away but since he enjoys playing it so much, I figured we should put it up on the site. Maybe we’ll revisit the hidden object game idea in the future and create something better.

You can download the full Hidden Objects Game Scratch file here.


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