Helicopter Fighter Game

Created on July 13th, 2014. Built on the MacBook Air.

I have some games on my iPhone Devon loves to play. One of them is called Heli Hell:


Devon had the idea of building a version of this game in Scratch. It sounded like a fun challenge. Devon really likes this one and has some further ideas for it including building out what he calls a giant spike ball coming out from the helicopter which another player can control to attack the bad guys. I haven’t quite figured out how we’ll make that work, but for now wanted to show the progress we’ve already made.

I haven’t yet added a fancy start or game over screen, so the stage code is pretty simple:


For the helicopter, I used the same trick we learned last time when building the helicopter fire fighter game. You simply rotate through two costumes which makes it look like the helicopter blades are spinning:


And here’s the code:


The sprites used for the game, including some islands to give the impression the helicopter is flying forward:


The bad guy code is pretty interesting. It follows a pattern of moving left to right and back again until it reaches the bottom of the screen. It’s also in a loop so when its done, it will announce another ship to appear. The ship appears after a random interval and it fires its weapon between 2 and 7 seconds later (a number we had to adjust as the game started out being too difficult for Devon).


And here’s the bad guy weapon:


The helicopter can shoot back with its own bullets. They both follow a similar pattern:


If the bad guy’s lives run out, it releases three coins which each increase the player’s score when they are collected:


To create the illusion of flying forward, these islands all have similar code with the only difference being the names of the announced events.


We could add a lot more to this game and fancy it up a bit as well, but for now it works and Devon has a lot of fun playing it. The “spike ball” may come later. šŸ™‚

Download the Helicopter Fighter Scratch file and enjoy!


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