See our intro post for more information, but in a nutshell this site exists to catalog Devon’s exploration of building his own video games in Scratch and providing them as resources to others.

Today, he’s only 5, so I’m still doing most of the building, but for many of them he’s sitting on my lap, and I’m teaching him as we go. He and I talk things out and make decisions on what the game should do. Often I’ll explain why we need a variable and he’ll hunt and peck the keys one letter at a time to create it. He also drags the controls around and picks many of the colors for the sprites. He comes up with many of the ideas for what game we should build next and what features it should have. If he sticks with it, I hope he’ll be creating games all on his own some day.

Any donations that come in to the site are his, and we’re using it as a great lesson on doing what you love, providing value to others who in turn provide value to you. If you find value here, you can donate to Devon’s bitcoin address here: 1NzWgRkq2jA2pagq29gSRtmTYwu4j5EFxK


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